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My artistic practice focuses on the study of spaces and different ways of inhabiting them. I am interested in the transformation of environments, memories and stories that can be read in places that welcome people or individuals.


I see the act of inhabiting first as a part and consequence of being; elements such as the organization of one's space, the manipulation and distribution of objects and light and how the body is located reflect a state of being; and secondly, as a human right that is essential for growth.

With installations, public interventions, video productions and graphic techniques I address the forms of inhabiting from formal and personal as well as political perspectives.

As a strategy to understand the forms of inhabiting related to art production, I started an Artist residency in which different artists are invited to take a room and “Make themselves at home” by either using the room for experiments on their own researches or just as a workspace. 

My personal work here consists of documenting the ways they inhabit the space, resulting in practical research into techniques for documenting spaces. From each artist’s residency, I find ways to register the transformations of the space. Techniques like frottage, drawing, mapping, sound recording and mould making have been used so far. The form of documentation changes every time and requires an analysis of the artist’s work and a deeper understanding of the way he or she decides to occupy the space.

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My work always starts with marks on a paper, and it is by drawing that I understand and process the world.  A meditative practice that in longer terms helps me to support other projects.