Housing process, 2015-2017.

This project explores the idea of building a house from the impossibility to do so. Walls are crafted with paper bricks, and drawing takes the inhabitant's place. This construction mixes fragile materials to talk about the necessity of having a solid and resistant building to call home, in an economic system that denies the opportunity to actually have one, negating the individual from a private space to be his or herself.

Gaston Bachelard alludes to houses as a space where we are psychologically located according to our experiences with the childhood house, but this house is neither physical nor real, it is the dream house, a house made of memory, memories and sensations that were planted in the mind of childhood.
In this way I play, this dream of a house, this imaginary construction, where I create fragile structures, drawings, small studios, incomplete buildings, fabric ceilings and paper walls. To build little by little the house of my dreams that one that looks out in the present and is complete in the future.