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Public artworks

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Making Heimat

Lino block prints with water-based ink on cream white, 140 gr, acid-free paper. 50x39 cm

Edition of 5 prints per stamp.

Video. 23 minutes.

Making Heimat 2023


Home Blessing

Risograph printed Flyer.

Edition of 100 prints

This artistic research project explores the idea of feeling at home, what creates it, how people interpret it, and how our communities affect it.
The film, Making Heimat, intertwines recordings of different people in Weimar doing activities that they perceive as homely and intimate with their inhabited spaces with the hands of an actress while she tries to learn or simulate these activities.
The Zine, Home Blessing, is a text with a patchwork of prayers to bless homes from 6 different religions from around the world, with illustrations of people eating and cooking.
The series of charcoal drawings on lino prints is a graphic exploration of objects that are used in Colombia for Neighbourhood street parties: chairs, tables, pots, and bowls. These communal activities that inhabit common and public spaces create a sense of home in the neighborhoods and the streets.

Exhibited in the Current Work Gallery in Salt Lake city, USA.

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