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Public artworks

NOmbre amarillo.png

"...Feeling at home, feeling at "refuge", belonging, in protection from the unknown and the unpredictable does not depend on a place. It does not depend on ownership or citizenship, and it does not get any better with closed borders or deep bunkers. Home is a fluctuating feeling and we should treat it as so. How different would the world be if instead of constantly learning how to be self-sufficient and independent, we learned to deal with feelings of vulnerability and fear by taking care of our communities? we could learn to find refuge in knowing how to deal with people instead of learning that a closed building will be our only defense against each other, not by means of living in a homogenous utopia but by knowing that we need boundaries at the same level as we need commons."

The Green Field

During One Month, while the lockdowns were still in place in 2020, the Neighbors from a residential area in Weimar were invited to experience, through a critical gaze, what the possibilities and realities of common spaces are. The whole project included a series of events like a Public screening of students' short-films and documentaries, public space participatory installations, and performances along with social media activations and content.

This Project is part of the Thesis "Dwelling Arrangements, about feeling at home in the commons" to complete the MFA Public Art and New Artistic Strategies from the Bauhaus Universität, Weimar. 2021

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