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Public artworks

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Urban Spectrum, 2018.

Medellin is a city that has always focused on industrial development, with the concentration of industry occupying the lower and flatter parts of the city, polluting the air and leaving inhabitants to build their homes higher in the mountains, in difficult conditions, far from their jobs in the city center. 

In the installation, "Urban Spectrum", I wanted to focus on the individual experiences within this situation through conversations with workers from three different spots in "La Aguacatala" - one such industrial neighborhood in the middle of Medellin. 

Installing a one-to-one size watercolor of a bed that assembles like floor tiles in these spaces creates an aesthetic experience in the routine of these people whose jobs wouldn't usually admit such kind of thing. This generates conversations that induce direct questions about the city's housing logic, the conditions of individual dwellings, and the administration and company's role to contribute to a fair distribution of the city's territory.

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