Urban Spectrum, 2018.

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Medellín is a city that has always focused on industry development, but the population increase has always taken the administration by surprise, leaving areas like "La Agucatala" as a factory neighbourhood right in the middle of the city and surrounded by residential areas. the concentration of industry in the lower and flatter parts of the city not only affects the state of the air that gets worse every year, but also takes control from the flat land, forcing the inhabitants to build their houses higher in the mountains, lots of them in very bad conditions and  since it gets so far from the city centre, facing a lot of transportation issues to get to their jobs.
In this installation called "Urban spectrum", I want to focus on the individual experience within this situation through conversations with the workers from three different spots in "La Aguacatala" 
Taking this one to one size watercolour of a bed that assembles like floor tiles to these spaces creates an aesthetic experience in the routine of these people whose jobs wouldn't usually admit such kind of thing. Generating conversations that in which making direct questions about the city's housing logic, the conditions of individual dwelling and the administration and company's role to contribute with a fair distribution in the city's territory.

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